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Yet Darker - Undertale Animation (Glitchtale #2) Yet Darker - Undertale Animation (Glitchtale #2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So happy to see you uploading your amazing works here on NG! :)

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Sans Battle - Stronger Than You Sans Battle - Stronger Than You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've been addicted to this song/animation for a bit now; glad to see you uploading it here! You did a great job.

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NG's 20th Anni. Tribute NG's 20th Anni. Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was such an awesome video to watch. Great work! :)

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The Very Best The Very Best

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff; although yeah something to fill some of the silent gaps would have been better.

Spyro Does A Thing Spyro Does A Thing

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It honestly wasn't anything really new or original; but I still thought it was enjoyable and executed well. :)

-Immolation- -Immolation-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but still room for improvement.

Ok, I'm going right to it and explain.

Graphics 10/10:
Awesome, looked exactly like what I would be expecting from Krinkles, you did a very good job with the way you did the characters, the weapons, and, especially, the gore. Your backrounds were also innovative for the most part as well. No need for improvement, you're doing just fine. Keep it up.

Style 7/10:
Ok, it was great and all, but the thing is, despite the fact it's a tribute it still isn't your style. Normally when someone uses other's techniques I'll go down to 3-5 in the scoring range for this section, but you did justice for Krinkles and I'm sure the guy would be quite proud with your representation of his work. Now that you've shown me that you can do this, show me what else you can do. I also went and checked some of the other flash all of you had as well, make more.

Sound 7/10:
It's not that it was good music, and it's not that it was bad music, it was just music that really didn't go with the flash that hurt your score. Basically, I based sound effects out of 5 and music out of 5 and added for your sound score. You did great with the sound effects, earning a 5/5, all matched well and went with the flash perfectly. When it comes to the music, that's actually a really good song...just not with that flash. It just doesn't seem to match at all. I'm sure you could make much better choices when it comes to matching it up.

Violence 10/10:
Well, if you hadn't gotten a 10/10 in this category it really wouldn't have been a good Krinkles tribute now would it? You did an awesome job with random attacks, gunshots, killing, the whole lot of it all. It was really random which I always love, but I also have a love of the fight scene more than the fight. Krinkles does justice to both the fight scene (how the fight progresses) and the fight (basically all the blood and gore). You on the other hand, only chose to give justice to the fight. I still gave you a 10/10, but next time try and do both, it just makes your flash that much better.

Interactivity 5/10:
Oh dear, you made a bad choice with this one now didn't you? It could have been a 10/10, it would have been a 10/10, it should have been a 10/10. I don't know what you were thinking, whether it was bad scripting or bad judgement, but under no circumstances should you EVER have the play bar over the flash itself. There are plenty of flash that have them, take a look at how people do it. They either have it at the top, bottom, corners, or sides. Not slightly projected from the bottom left corner to the center. That just overlays a lot of the action and really takes away from the flash experience, you could have done much better when it comes to that. I mean, you had a quality selection built in, scene selection, etc. And then you go and mess around with that bar. That was the biggest flaw in this flash. Never do that again, or if you do, allow there to be a hide option, and if there was one, then make it more obvious.

Humor 0/10:
Humor was not present in your flash and shall not be taken into account when deciding your overall score. That's what I always do, if you don't have something in your flash, I don't count it against you. But be warned: Krinkles always has comedy in his flash, so you really should have tried harder to add comical effect into this flash, if you did have it there, then you really need to improve on it.

Overall 8/10:
This is something I'd give a 4/5 on and expect to end up resting at a 3.88 score. It was really good, but there were a plethera of mistakes in it that really didn't work out in the end. Also the fact that it was a tribute also hurts your score. Tributes are nice and all, but the NG population is looking for quality, original work. Not quality, redundant work. I also liked the title and the preloader, they were both well done. I hope to see some more work from you guys in the near and distant future.

Ballad of a fallen angel Ballad of a fallen angel

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well, it wasn't the best animation for that tune.

Well, I decided that it was worth a 7/10 and a 3/5 from me. It was really bad at the beginning, but then it got better near the middle and the ending of the flash. The beginning was quite poorly done though. The animation was done smoothly in the 2nd half, but graphics were bad in the beginning with the flowe and all. The style was nice and refreshing. The song was a rather good choice, and very fitting. OOther 3 items not considered due to nonexistance.

Ballad of a fallen angel fits well, because that's what the song really does sound like. The sad tune of an angel that has lost her wings and her memories are thus fading away. Appropriate and well placed.

It was ok, but really subpar at best. Might have well as shown me a blank screen, preloaders need eyecandy.

Ok, the rose at the beginning really just looked like crap, I can't say it any better than that. I mean, the symbolism would have been much better and implicit had you done the flower and it's falling petal better. Yet, the rest was fine. The rain drops and the water were done beautifully, better than I could ever do. The character was drawn really nice as well, and the mood in the flash stayed nice and depressing the way it was supposed to be.

I thought it was a nice little quaint flash and it got its purpose fulfilled. Nice work, hope to see you animating in the near and distant futures.

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Agents of man REVISED Agents of man REVISED

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not exactly the best music video ever. >_>

Well, this time I gave your flash a 5/10 and a 2/5. It just wasn't that well done. The graphics were good except for the characters which were subpar at best. The song was too "emo" for me and I couldn't stand listening to it. Violence, Humour, and Interactivity not actually present and thus not taken into account.

Agents of man was a good choice of a title. I am in full agreement of naming a flash that revolves around one song the name of the song. I think it gives the flash more depth and makes it much better. Yet, when you toss "REVISED" in caps into the title then it takes away from the flash. Yes, you may have revised it, but that doesn't mean you need to change and kill the title. It would be much better as "Agents of man" alone.

It was rather dull and plain. Just a nice font and nothing more. Preloaders should be loaded with eyecandy for those 56k users (I know, I used to have 56k once, and when you have to wait that long on a flash then you won't be waiting if the preloader is bland).

Too much of the flash was just the words to the song. That's not something that should fill up the flash. Your flash should be all video and not text. A better technique is to have the words on the bottom, like subtitles, as the flash video plays through. Instead of having the text intrude on the flash.

The flash was mediocre at best, but it still has the potential to be made into something really good. I hope you make a newer version of it later to show your improvement, I'm sure you have by now. Keep up the good work and never stop trying.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It'd be so much better with a plot. :'(

If this had a point besides being flashy then then it would have recieved a 10 for sure. Yet instead you earned a 7/10 and a 4/5 from me. The graphics were stunning and wonderful, but that's it, it was merely eye candy. It was beautiful and original and you have a nice style with it all. The song, which is one I like, fit the scene well. For interactivity, there were three things I could click. Humour and Violence not present and thus not counted. It was just the lack of actual content that hurt you.

3D Dreams was fitting for the name of this flash. You have 3D animation downpacked, very nice work. And it does look like the scene you would see from a dream. So good relation.

I thought your preloader looked very nice with the whole lightning effects. And once it loaded there were explosions and stuff, so that was rather cool.

The flash was rather swell and was entertaining, but not one I would watch more than once or twice. Keep up the good work and make some more flash in the future.

Mega Force OP Mega Force OP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

And this is from the way back when of '03?

Very nice work, this even manages to compete with the majority of flash that are here today. So for the flash being so old it's surprising on how much it rivals with some of the other flash today. That's some really nice work being able to stand the test of time like that. Very nice that you managed to get the Classics of the Day randomization pick. Although it is sad that it's obvious you haven't actually continued the series or got a site up for it yet. A bit sad there, because I would like to see you continue, I'm sure you'd do just fine, even with today's new standards. If this was submitted today I probably would have docked the graphics and overall both down to 8s to be honest, but due to this being a classic '03 submission I kicked them both up a notch for you. The drawing are very nice and well animated, so nice work there. It was creative and a fun little intro to watch, even if there is nothing to be introduced (considering you've been a naughty little slacker). I did really enjoy that choice you had in music though, so that was definately a major plus for this flash. Also liked how you were caring enough to add subtitles when most flash authors neglect that aspect. So overall, very nice work, which I wish you would make more of. :'(

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Impetus responds:

Thanks! I need to keep in perspective the fact that I was just learning to mouse-draw, let alone use Flash, in 2003. I've done a lot of drawing since that I'm quite proud of.

As for a website, check out this one which is not yet finished:

And yeah, I am a slacker. ;^^