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Nice ending; plenty to improve on style-wise but a good flash and message nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks man I will! It was an older animation from 2015 I finally managed to finish off. Would love to see someone else's take on the script if they are interested. I think it would make a good short film :)

So happy to see you uploading your amazing works here on NG! :)

CamilaCuevas responds:


I've been addicted to this song/animation for a bit now; glad to see you uploading it here! You did a great job.

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Hard not to be tempted to give it straight 10s.

Random: Title, Preloader, Ending, etc...
So let's begin. I like the title Dad 'n Me, although I'd probably say Dad & Me would just look better, but ok well, at least you were consistant with the 'n theme when you had the preloader go "Loadin'". Also, I think it'd be better if ads and links were at the end of the flash rather than at the beginning at the loading screen. It's just took distracting and out of place at that point. The ending and preloading screens were fine and looked nicely done, enjoyed the font. Also, I loved the little intro video to the actual game. :D
I like the kiddish effect, but it still wasn't smooth at points, and was thus unappealing at times. I'd prefer it looking more crisp. :)
The flash flowed very well. Even though it was a game it didn't have animation defects and that is good flash usage right there. ;)
Well it's original for the most part, except for the whole thing of it reminding me a lot of AH. After all, sidescrolling, plenty of random killing, etc... D:
As always, a good choice in using Dustball's audio, he's just so good when it comes to audio. The sound effects were ok for the most part, a bit distracting at points. :D
This could have been improved through not just having the enemies disapper. Instead, a dead body in a pool of blood would have added to the gore needed in the violence department. >:D
Good use of the keyboard arrow keys, but you didn't take full advantage of the aswd keys and limited yourselves to a and s. o_O
The whole concept of this was pretty funny, especially the intro and death scene when your HP hits 0. :o
I can't wait for this game to hit the shelves as well as more of your future works/games. You've improved a lot over the years (both Dan and Tom). ^_^

Amazing for a mere 15.7 Kb.

That's some awesome file management right there, but you don't have to make the file that small, I wouldn't have minded you sparing that extra space for some sound effects or maybe some mucis. The graphics and artwork were ok, and could stand for a little more improvement. But it was a pretty addictive game and I did like how you worked you point system (# of balls dodged X amount of money collected). That was some nice thinking right there. Although it was annoying when the money appeared right above the score board, you should probably set some boundries for that. Overall it was fun and I hope to play some more of your games in the near future.

Begoner responds:

I'm a terrible artist -- anything beyond simple triangles and squares is too complex for me. I'll try to change the artwork, and I'll change the money appearing above the score. Thanks.

Nice work with this one guys.

I've played some of your other games and must say that this is one of the better ones. Which is good, because it shows that you are improving and aren't slacking. It's always good to see more and more good flash artists. I did end up finding a few glitches here and there, but that is to be expected for a game as complex as this one fitting into a mere 3MB. You did some really nice file management there. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see another one from you.


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